Monday, 21 July 2014

Fragged Empire Kickstarter

Fragged Empire is a new roleplaying game that is in the middle of a very successful Kickstarter campaign.

Fragged Empire is not your typical PA setting. Set in the distant future, after both the human race and it's successors, the Archons, have died out. The surviving races are recovering from a catastrophic war that has left them scattered and broken. They are just starting to return to space and explore the universe to recover lost tech and re-establish their civilisations.

Wade Dyer, the creator of Fragged Empire was kind enough to send me a beta play test copy of the rules and while I have been away on holiday (vacation to some of you...) I have managed to read a good bit of it!

I was most impressed by the background setting, the short fiction pieces scattered throughout the book are very well written, after some of the tense encounters I was really left wanting more, wanting to follow the story further... The rules themselves look to have a nice mechanic that is a little different to the many others I have played. Personally, I have always favoured the percentile systems, so it is quite a compliment to say that the 3D6 system used here looks great fun, while also having enough diversity to allow a good range of possibilities.

The design and layout of the book are excellent, reflecting the authors graphic design background. Nice clear, easy to read text, black on white paper. So much better than some books that use background images and make the text virtually unreadable. The artwork can only be described as beautiful, strong colours and well defined tech, character types etc. OK, so it sounds like I'm gushing a bit and I suppose I am.

I would highly recommend that anyone interested in either PA or Sci-Fi RPGs check out the Kickstarter, it has already done well enough to have funded a second book (to feature NPCs, and a wide selection of other background material), and is pushing on to other expansions...

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