Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Mutant: Year Zero RPG

Modiphius will be releasing a new edition, the 30th anniversary edition, of the Swedish RPG called Mutant: Year Zero. Mutant: Year Zero was the original game that spawned the Mutant Chronicles/Warzone franchise, although the new edition will be taking it back to it's original Post Apocalyptic roots.

The new edition, due for release in early December (although pre-orders will get a PDF on the 1st of November), comes with a double sided PA map of London/New York, a set of cards and dice. You can buy the set without the cards and dice as well if you choose too. The map in itself should be of value to any PA gamers as it will surely offer plenty of scenario ideas for both role players and skirmish gamers alike.

The design and layout of the book are of the highest quality, as I have come to expect from Modiphius.

I have also included a selection of the artwork, and as you can see it is stunningly good!

I am really looking forward to reading through the book. Unfortunately I don't get to role play as often as I used to,but I am sure there will be plenty in there to use for developing skirmish games too...

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