Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Thunderchild Miniatures

Over the past couple of months I have become aware of Thunderchild Miniatures. They are producing some very interesting Post Apocalyptic miniatures. A mix Mad Max and mutations.
Most of the range seems to be cast in resin, although website does also mention metal too.

First up we have Death From The Swamp. The sculpting and design on this looks excellent and I can see multiple uses for it, both in PA games and also as some kind of Deep One for Cthulhu based games.

  Mutie Brute certainly looks like he could be of use and the heavy muscle in many PA warbands. Possibly slightly more humourously designed than a lot of PA miniatures, but still with many uses.

 The Pilgrims are another clear winner, after all you can never have enough robed acolytes with guns.

Another multi-purpose miniature that I could see being used for everything from Retro Sci-Fi games to Dungeons and Dragons, as well as the obvious mutie infested badlands PA games.

Next up we have a coupl of Mutant Cows and a pen for them. The Mootant Coop set may be more set decoration than anything else, but who's to say what would happen when a hapless adventurer wandered into the pen with these beasts.

Finally a bit more set decoration which could easily be an objective in a PA game where the opponents are hunting for supplies. You never know their may be a can of cola lying in there somewhere.

I plan on picking up several of these miniatures myself in the near future, and Thunderchild Miniatures are certainly worth keeping an eye on!

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