Monday, 8 December 2014

Across the Dead Earth Skirmish Game

I have been very slow to mention Across The Dead Earth on the blog. I have been following it's development since it launched on Kickstarter earlier this year and I have also been an active member of the Face book discussion group set up for the game. So firstly I must apologise to Dead Earth Games, the creators, for not doing this sooner.

Across The Dead Earth (AtDE) is a small scale skirmish game that pits bands of Apocalypse survivors against each other in the remains of the modern world. The first thing that is worth pointing out is the background. The rules are predominately UK based with the settings reflecting the PA world of ruined British cities and countryside. However, the expanded world allows for almost any kind of Apocalypse to be fought out in any part of the world. For example most of Europe is now a waste land inhabited my the Solus (zombies). America is a nuclear wasteland, although apparently in Alaska there are still band of military types still fighting the war. This is a very well thought out piece of rules creation as it really allows players to set the game where ever they like, and with whichever type of apocalypse they prefer. There is even a keen movement to set games in players own local areas, for example, using Google Maps satellite imagery to generate a games table based on your own local town.

The rules themselves are written from the perspective of a gang leader and this actually makes read thing them very enjoyable, as not only do you pick up the rules but you are also immersed in the background along the way...

As the game is designed for fairly small gangs or warbands each figure is generated individually, giving the game an almost roleplaying aspect. This give you control of exactly what you get in your gangs. I haven't had a chance to actually play the game yet, although my group of players will be embarking on a  AtDE campaign in the new year, so expect a more indepth review and probably a few battle reports then.

The game is also supported by a range of miniatures, at the moment made up of three of the gangs featured in the rules.

Firstly there is The Family 

 Next up we have The Red Claw

 Finally The State

I recently received the Red Claw Gang and, although I haven't had a chance to paint them up yet, I am quite impressed. They are very nice miniatures. The one thing I did notice though is they are quite small by todays standards. I am not to concerned about that though as I will be fixing them on to round bases which will raise them up to the usual height for modern miniatures. I will give a proper review of the miniatures (with photos) once I have had a chance to get some paint on to them.

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